Let's keep singing, chanting and inspiring!

Now offering online singing lessons, online chanting workshops and online oracle card readings!

So, the situation of the Covid-19 Coronavirus has hit us all very suddenly, and I am determined to carry on "business as usual" as long as I am fit and well. But with many in self-isolation already, and advice about self-distancing, I am offering solutions that will help my pupils and clients to continue to enjoy the lessons or guidance that they need from the comfort and safety of their homes.

So here at JJ HQ I have been busy researching and planning ways in which I can offer online options for singing, chanting and oracle card readings to help us through these interesting times!

The self-employed community has really pulled together and through joining a support and action group on Facebook, I have been offered a fabulous virtual classroom for my 1-2-1 singing lessons. I am very excited to get this up and running, which should be by Monday of next week !

For chanting sessions, I am planning a weekly 30 minute mini workshop via zoom, you will have the option to pay as you go, or pay monthly for all of the sessions that month plus an exclusive Facebook Group where we can share experiences, music, and help to uplift one another during this period of change.

For those of you who would like some guidance, I am offering online oracle card readings that range from 3 card to 12 card spreads. We can engage via the video messenger of your preference!

I am also passionate about keeping the vibration high during this time so will be regularly sharing live videos with little snippets to help to keep our spirits up; please like my page to see some free and uplifting videos and posts!

I hope that lots of you will benefit from the offerings above. If you would like any further information, please email me at and I will be in touch!

Sending you all Love and blessings

Jen x